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Every year, millions of dollars are “lost” by Australian businesses. As much as 98% of the funds are never returned to their rightful owners and end up finally absorbed by the government!

You have been given a choice to recover your funds, by not acting now to recover those funds – you will join the thousands of businesses who ended up unknowingly “donating” their money to the government this year!


We specialise in finding unrecovered money for Australians who have either lost track of their accounts, relocated or died.  Our knowledge and technological expertise allows us to find unrecovered Australian money.

No find, no charge. If we find nothing owed to you, there is no charge.

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  • Both Australia and NZ
  • Money in trust with Government 

We Start Looking

A search is performed throughout Australia & New Zealand to see if you have any unclaimed funds

  • Funds found, we subit claim
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Your Money Found!

Notification is sent to you confirming the outcome of the search. Regardless if unclaimed funds are found or not, you will automatically get put on a recurring 3mths free search.

Where do we look?

Financial Institutions

This includes unclaimed Australian money from banks, credit unions, building societies, insurance companies and friendly societies. If your account has been accessed for over seven years, your funds may have been transferred from one of these institutions to the Commonwealth Government. We can help you find unclaimed Australian money being held by financial institutions and the Commonwealth Government


We can help you in finding unclaimed money from companies.  This money comes from shares that may have been acquired in a company takeover.

Government Agencies

Australian Commonwealth and State Governments hold unclaimed money transferred from financial institutions, superannuation funds, retirement savings account providers, unclaimed salaries and wages and monies owed by legal practitioners and real estate agents. 

No.1 Money detective is experienced at finding unclaimed money held by Australian government institutions.

100% Safe and Secure

Your information will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

Fee for Service

20% up to $5,000
25% over $5,001